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When is Air Max Day?

When is Nike’s Air Max Day?

On March 26, 1987, one of the most revolutionary sneaker technology graced the world with its unique aesthetic and insane comfort that made the tech still relevant even until today. Nike’s Air Max cushioning technology was a big upgrade to their Air technology.

If you still don’t know by now, Air Max is the sneaker tech that utilizes a visible Air unit. They can be full-length or in the heel encased within the thick midsole. Newer variations of Nike Sportswear have finally used Air Max pods on the forefoot, making it more comfortable than ever.

It all began when the Nike Air Max 1 was released on March 26, 1987. It was then incorporated on the Air Jordan III, then in 1990, the Air Max 90 (then called Air Max III) took sneaker aesthetics and comfort to a whole new level by increasing the Air Max’s size in the heel while housed within TPU wings.

Ever since its successful debut, new Air Max models have been released almost annually. They used to be marketed as running shoes but took over the Lifestyle and Sportswear category because of their popularity.

When is Nike’s Air Max Day?

In 2014, Nike decided to celebrate Air Max Day - an annual Nike event held every March 26 to pay tribute to the sneaker tech that shaped the entire brand’s future in both performance and daily life.

The celebrations include new Air Max colorways, retro releases of the most iconic Air Max colorways, social events, and more.

Remember to keep that date on your calendar every year and join the fun with Nike!

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