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What is Nike ACG?

What is Nike ACG?

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Set aside the hype and the fashion, the Nike ACG is one of the most functional line of sneakers that are specialized for mountaineers, outdoor trailblazers, hikers, and more.

Nike ACG stands for All-Conditions Gear and composes of sneakers and apparel that are equipped with advanced technologies that can withstand harsh conditions.

Notable tech includes the Gore-Tex that is a water-repelling fabric made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) that’s also lightweight and durable.

The Nike ACG first launched in 1989 with the release of Son of Lava Dome and Air Wildwood sneakers that were actually stylish - which made outdoor travelers feel good and look good as they trek through the wilderness.

One of the most famous ACG sneaker models is the Nike Air Mowabb, it utilized Huarache technology - a unique upper design that is padded to increase comfort while securing the foot inside the shoe. It was such a memorable sneaker, the Blue, Orange, and Tan color combinations have been seen on other Nike models to pay homage to the iconic all-weather outdoor shoe.

Nowadays, the ACG line continues to release various models to further cater to modern-day outdoor aficionados. They are completely different from the streetwear culture and have an identity of their own.

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