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Sneaker Colorways Abbreviations

There is probably no more creative discipline than creating a name for the colors of the sneakers' silhouettes.

Almost every brand has its abbreviations and the average customer rarely knows them. So what does it mean when adidas add "ftwwht" into their colorway name and what does the color Unvrsty Rd mean for Nike?

We decided to answer exactly these questions in our wiki post.

Meaning Abbr. Brand
Mid-dark Grey (Wolf Gray) Wlg Gray, Wlf Gry adidas, Nike
Silver Slvr
Bright red (University Red) Unvrsty Rd Nike
Black Blk, Blck Various brands
White Wht Various brands
White (Footwear White) Ftwwht adidas
Green Grn Various brands
Blue Bl, Blu Nike
Bright Mango / Orange Brght Mng Nike
Dark blue (Obsidian) Obsdn Nike
Natural Ntrl (fe. Ntrl Grey) Nike
Forsphoric Yellow (Volt, Ultravolt) Vlt, Ultrvlt Nike, Jordan
Grey Gr, Gry Nike

Article was updated at 08/20/21.

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