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How to lace up Vans sneakers?

Vans may be one of the easiest sneakers to rock. But that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little spice to keep the fashion up a notch. With a lot of iconic styles to choose from, Vans has been a suitable option for custom laces among sneakerheads, skaters, and streetwear enthusiasts in general.

Now, you’ve purchased the colorway you wanted. But you still feel like something’s missing with the style. We know exactly what it is! Let’s add more flair to your Vans shoe by changing the lacing setups.

Check out this guide below as we provide various lacing designs that you can easily learn! Time to boost your fashion sense to the next level with sneakervista.

How to lace up Vans sneakers?

Choosing a Pair of Vans Sneakers to Lace Up

It’s pretty easy to select a pair of Vans that you want to lace. Obviously, you can’t pick the Classic Slip-On as it doesn’t have laces. But you still have four other icons to choose from. The Vans Era, Authentic, Old Skool, and Sk8-Hi can be your best choices when planning to change laces. They have many colorways that can be matched with the lacing setup you have in mind.

How to lace up Vans sneakers?

Image: Cosmopolitan Magazine

For the Sk8-Hi, you may want to find laces with lengths of over 54 inches as the shoe is considered high-top. For the rest, 54 inches and below may suffice for various lacing styles.

Lacing Styles for Vans

Vans sneakers feature flat laces, but if you’re daring enough, you can try and use round laces too. These lacing style guide that we are about to show will help you lace them up like never before!


The standard lacing style for any sneaker. Cross-lace still remains iconic, and even with Vans sneakers, you could never go wrong with this! Cross-lace is one of the easiest lacing styles that you can learn, so just keep practicing until you master it!

  • Form a bar on the bottom eyelets by inserting the laces downward or through the bottom.
  • Begin by putting the laces in an alternate manner. The right lace goes to the left eyelet, while the left lace goes right.
  • Continue until you reach the final eyelets. Make sure you don’t twist them and flatten them out as you go through each eyelet. This makes the laces appear fresh and not sloppy.
How to lace up Vans sneakers?

Image: WikiHow

You can do the same thing with your other pairs of Vans. These are the usual setup for the Vans Era, Authentic, and Old Skool.

Straight Lace or Bar Lace

Another lacing style that’s known by many, but remains to be just as iconic when it first came to fruition. The Bar Lace boasts a unique and minimalist look by hiding most of the shoelaces underneath the eyestay.

This link below shows you how to Bar Lace the Vans Old Skool:

How to lace up Vans sneakers?

Image: Sam Alexr/Youtube

But anyway, we’ll still provide you with a step-by-step method taken straight from Vans’ official website and WikiHow. You’ll surely learn how to do it with enough practice!

It’s suitable for the Vans Era, Authentic, Old Skool, and even the high top Sk8-Hi. Just make sure you have the right lace length to achieve a clean Bar Lace setup.

Bar Lace Step by Step

  • Just like most setups, begin by forming a bar on the two bottom eyelets by inserting the lace downward and through the eyelet.
  • Now here is where the Bar Lace begins to show, insert the left lace from below and pop it out to the second eyelet. It hides the laces underneath to highlight the single tier of laces on the eyelets.
  • The right lace then must skip the second eyelet on the right because that’s where the left lace will enter. The right lace goes to the third right eyelet from underneath, continuing the hidden lacing setup.
  • Continue coursing through with the same pattern, remember to insert it downwards every time as one of the laces skip an eyelet.

After completing the eyelets, just tie the shoe in your usual manner, or you could also hide it by tucking it inside the tongue for a cleaner look.

Bar Lace is a good and unique option if you want to try something new!

Other Lacing Styles you should try

The first two we’ve shown above are just some of the most common lacing setups that people continue to use even today. There are a lot more styles with a more daring and ambitious design.

Check out some of the other unique lacing styles that we’ve found throughout our search.

Performance Tie

Performance lace focuses on performance sports sneakers such as basketball shoes, runners, and other trainers. This setup doubles the loop on the top eyelets for a more secure collar fit.

This tightens up the collar around the ankle for more restriction and prevents ankle sprains.

This guide from Highsnobiety has got you covered for a DIY tutorial.

It’s a great solution for Vans sneakers, especially for those who are planning to skate in them. Not only do you get extra support around your ankles, you also achieve a new lacing style that will catch people’s attention.

Lattice/Diamond Lace

This one is a bit tricky and requires a lot of patience when trying for the first time. The Lattice Lace Style is extremely popular because of its unique design. It’s suitable for flat laces to straighten out the diamond look even more.

Check out the guide provided by ProfessorShoelace to get a glimpse of what to expect if you ever plan to try it.

How to lace up Vans sneakers?

Image: Ties

As you see, Lattice Lace begins with the usual step one, forming a bar by inserting through downward. The second and third steps make you skip two next eyelets and criss-cross the laces on the fourth pair of eyelets.

The next few steps are where it gets tricky so pay attention to the instructions.

You may get frustrated, but the end result is definitely amazing.

This is perfect for Vans because they incorporate flat laces on the classic models.


Eager to try any of these? Don’t worry! The moment you start learning with the help of tutorials, you’re one step closer to showing off your Vans with these lacing styles.

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