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How to clean mesh sneakers?

There are many perspectives on shoe cleaning. Some like to clean their sneakers by hand with soap or special products, some wash their shoes in a washing machine and some use the services of special sneaker dry cleaners.

How to clean mesh sneakers?

One of the most sensitive material on sneakers, which also most often gets dirty, is mesh. That is, a woven fabric that is difficult to maintain. A typical example is the upper sole of the Nike Air Max 90.

What is the best for mesh?

In our experience, the best option is to use hot water, kitchen sponge and soap, cleaning powder with whitening effects (if you have white mesh) or a special cleaner for cleaning sneakers (Jason Markk, Crep Protect or Sneaky). And most importantly, you need patience.

At the same time, we recommend stuffing the shoe with an absorbent cloth before cleaning, an old T-shirt cut into smaller pieces would be fine.

When cleaning, the cloth will absorb excess water and will better hold the shape of the sneaker.

How to deal with dark spots in bends?

Sometimes it happens that the mesh gets dirty and the procedure described above does not help. At that point, you may want to consider using hydrogen peroxide, which cleans and whitens the fabric very well. It is necessary to work with it carefully and avoid colored materials it may bleach.

How to definitely not clean the mesh?

Definitely avoid brushes! The brush, even the most delicate one, pulls out the fibers of the woven material and irreversibly damages it.

Avoid colored fabrics and newspapers when stuffing your shoes! After contact with water, it releases paint and destroys shoes.

Article was updated at 04/22/21.