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Who is a hypebeast?

What is a hypebeast?

Hypebeast can either be an insult or a compliment. A hypebeast is a person that follows all the streetwear trends and either flexes them or resells them. They’re only attracted to hyped items and do not really have their own personal sense of style because they let trends dictate what they have to buy and what they have to wear.

Usually, hypebeasts were linked to people who wear luxurious streetwear brands like Bathing Ape, Supreme, Billionaire Boys Club, Anti Social Social Club, and many more. You can see them in the mall and streetwear conventions as they flex their expensive hoodies to go along with their sneaker grails.

Hypebeasts in the sneaker community may refer to those who wear Air Jordans and Yeezys during the peak of their trend - they’re still trendy until today but the term hypebeast has been narrowly used ever since.

It depends on how someone uses the term hypebeast on whether you have to take it as an insult or a compliment, some use it for streetwear fans and sneakerheads which is a common way to call them. But some call hypebeasts as an insult for having no sense of style when they only purchase according to the trend.

Doesn’t matter how you use it, as long as you feel good and look good, then just go on and flex them.

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