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What is "SWAG"?

What does SWAG mean?

Arguably one of the modern words that actually had a lot of different meanings in the past, the word swag or ‘swagger’ is now common among the sneaker community. It’s one of the words that go alongside other streetwear slangs such as ‘flex’ and ‘dope’. But what does it really mean to be swag? And how does one become ‘swag’?

There are a lot of versions on the internet - most of which have no correlation whatsoever with the overused streetwear slang. To put it in a better meaning, ‘swag’ is a slang for ‘swagger’ which is a kind of attitude or personality wherein the person is full of self-confidence and can be noticed in physical form by the way they pose, stand, and walk.

As an example, imagine a group of teenagers in their favorite sneaker store. After purchasing their sneaker grails, they flex their paper bags and walk with swaggering confidence because buying a new pair of shoes makes them feel better and gives them a sudden boost of assertiveness.

Sneakerheads and hypebeasts usually feel the ‘swag’ when they cop limited-edition sneakers or when they resell a shoe for a high price. It makes them feel special and elevates self-esteem to a higher level.

What does SWAG mean?

Is it bad? Yes and no, sometimes too much self-confidence can come off as too much arrogance, blinded from reality. But sometimes, it feels nice to get that self-assurance, working hard to buy expensive sneakers will definitely make you feel good and is worthy of a ‘swaggering’ vibe.

Just make sure that you share the same vibe so you and your friends can enjoy it together and ‘swag’ together as you flex your sneakers.