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Sneaker Stores in Vietnam

Updated May 2024

If you thought Southeast Asian countries have nothing to offer, you’re in for a surprising treat as Vietnam is filled with its own historical landmarks, beaches, culture, tradition, and of course the famous Pho rice noodles.

Famous for natural wonders like Halong Bay, Tonkinese Alps, and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam is also rich in historical towns and cities that showcase the country’s culture. Places like Hoi An, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh feature some of Vietnam’s archi­tectural structures before and after the war.

When it comes to sneakers, Vietnam has some notable stores that can provide you good kicks for a good price. Take note that the majority of famous brands’ factories are now based in Vietnam, so if you get the chance to visit their factory outlets and stores, make sure you’ll cop the best shoe you can find as you enjoy eating their delicious noodles at the same time!

There are various Nike and adidas outlet stores in Ho Chi Minh City as well as online sneaker stores that can deliver right to your doorstep.

Most of the hype sneaker trends can be found in the country’s capital Hanoi, wherein some of the rare and exclusive sneakers are sold in shops like GREY.B, The Hype Collector, and HNM.

It just goes to show that whether you’re looking for a new pair of Yeezys, Air Jordan Retros, Vans, Fila, and many other brands that offer the latest trendy sneaker, Vietnam won’t disappoint; their shops may even surprise you when you end up finding collectible sneakers.

H Hanoi 9 stores
Ho Chi Minh City 1 store

How many sneaker stores are in Vietnam (Asia)? So far, we have 10 shops on record. Are there more? Let us know!