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Sneaker Stores in United Kingdom

Updated June 2024

A country made up of four more countries namely England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales; The United Kingdom is more than just the home for the Royal Family and the place of historical castles with beautiful landscapes.

You may visit historical landmarks like Windsor Castle, Big Ben, and also Stonehenge as you travel through time and live like you’re in the medieval period. The sneaker culture in the United Kingdom is completely different and actually keeps up with the trend while having its own sneaker staple across all brands.

Sneakers are actually called “trainers” in the UK and you’ll find a lot of sneaker stores that sell apparel and trainers from major brands and even up-and-coming shoe companies.

If you feel like you won’t find a good pair of sneakers during your trip, worry not as most sneaker shops actually sell the same inventory available in most parts of the world. You may even end up copping a London or UK-exclusive sneaker that can be considered as a collector’s item by sneakerheads.

Multiple Foot Locker and JD Sports stores can be located throughout the UK primarily in London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Specialized shops like size? and Dover Street Market are your best bets to shop if you can’t visit the factory stores of major brands like Nike, adidas, Puma, and New Balance among others.

London is also home to hypebeast haven stores such as Supreme, Kith, Bape, and Off-White so take your chances to cop highly-anticipated collabs.

Whatever trainer you’re looking for, rest assured that the United Kingdom has it so don’t underestimate the country’s sneaker culture.

B Bath 1 store
Belfast 1 store
Birmingham 1 store
Blackburn 1 store
Bootle 1 store
Bournemouth 1 store
Bretton 1 store
Brighton and Hove 3 stores
Bristol 1 store
Broadstairs 1 store
Bury 1 store
C Cambridge 1 store
Cardiff 3 stores
Carlisle 1 store
Cirencester 1 store
Clydebank 1 store
Coatbridge 1 store
Colchester 1 store
Coventry 1 store
Cumbernauld 1 store
D Denton 1 store
E East Kilbride 1 store
Eastbourne 1 store
Edinburgh 8 stores
F Folkestone 1 store
G Glasgow 10 stores
Gretna 1 store
H Hockley 1 store
Huddersfield 1 store
I Ivybridge 1 store
K Kingston upon Thames 1 store
L Leeds 7 stores
Leicester 2 stores
Littlehampton 1 store
Liverpool 15 stores
London 77 stores
M Manchester 8 stores
Middlesbrough 2 stores
Milton Keynes 1 store
N Newcastle upon Tyne 3 stores
Norwich 1 store
Nottingham 1 store
P Paisley 2 stores
Prescot 1 store
Preston 1 store
R Royal Leamington Spa 1 store
S Sheffield 1 store
Southampton 1 store
Speke 1 store
St Ives 1 store
Swanley 1 store
U Ulverston 1 store
W Wembley 1 store
Wishaw 1 store

How many sneaker stores are in United Kingdom (Europe)? So far, we have 182 shops on record. Are there more? Let us know!