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Sneaker Stores in Malaysia

Updated June 2024

A Southeast Asian powerhouse known for its various cultures and rich diversity resulting in various activities that can be enjoyed by many especially tourists. Historical landmarks and tourist attractions are a gem in Malaysia, there are a lot of things to try and eat so it’s a fun country to visit.

You may remember the country because of the Petronas Twin Towers, located at the central hub and capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Talking about sneakers, Malaysia has various general sporting stores, boutiques, as well as consignment stores. Making it a curious ground for tourists trying to cop a personal pair for a steal price.

The best choice to shop for sneakers in Malaysia is in Kuala Lumpur, since the business mainly revolves around the city, sneaker shops can be located there too. There are multiple Foot Locker shops across Malaysia so you’re in luck. Premium shops like Sole What, Sneakers Movement, Hiprokicks Consignment Store, and AW Lab – Suria KLCC can provide you rare and exclusive sneakers so make sure you plan your trips well to make the most out of your visit.

There are also major brand stores like ASICS, Nike, Converse, and more which makes your Kuala Lumpur trip even better. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, it may be Air Max, Jordans, Yeezys, or Ultraboosts, Malaysia has those sneakers in store just for you to purchase.

G George Town 1 store
J Johor Bahru 1 store
K Kota Kinabalu 1 store
Kuala Lumpur 11 stores
P Petaling Jaya 2 stores
S Subang Jaya 2 stores

How many sneaker stores are in Malaysia (Asia)? So far, we have 18 shops on record. Are there more? Let us know!