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Sneaker Stores in Canada

Updated May 2024

Representing another nature-rich country above the United States of America and known for its various cultures that sets it apart from other countries, Canada is also called the “Great White North” because of the country’s snowy region, large size (Canada’s the second-largest country in the world after Russia), and it just so happens that it is north of USA that’s why it’s called “The North”.

Canada is known for innovative and iconic cities like Toronto, home to the highly-coveted CN Tower that has been visited by many tourists throughout the year. The country also boasts its current and former NBA teams; the 2019 NBA Champions Toronto Raptors and the then expansion team Vancouver Grizzlies. Canada is also well-known for ice hockey.

You may also visit Niagara Falls that is situated in the city with the same name located in Ontario. It links the famous falls together with the US by the Rainbow Bridge. The Canadian side features an overlooking of the Horseshoe Falls, making up for a delightful view.

But what if you learned that Niagara Falls and ice hockey isn’t the only iconic thing shared by Canada and the US? The sneaker culture in Canada is also something to look out for as the streetwear lifestyle is rising in recent years.

There are multiple sneaker boutiques across the country, from Toronto to Edmonton, Canada has got you covered with your hypebeast streetwear vibe.

Hypebeast Sneakers Toronto can be your go-to shop for exclusive kicks while various Foot Locker stores are spread throughout the entire country for a whole lot of sneakers to choose from.

You can enjoy the snow as you enjoy hunting for sneakers when you’re in Canada.

B Burnaby 1 store
C Calgary 7 stores
Charlottetown 1 store
D Delta 1 store
E Edmonton 11 stores
K Kitchener 1 store
L Langley 1 store
M Markham 4 stores
Montreal 4 stores
N Newmarket 1 store
O Ottawa 8 stores
Q Quebec City 4 stores
R Richmond 4 stores
Rocky View County 1 store
S Surrey 4 stores
T Toronto 30 stores
V Vancouver 5 stores
Vaughan 2 stores
W Westmount 1 store
Winnipeg 8 stores

How many sneaker stores are in Canada (North America)? So far, we have 99 shops on record. Are there more? Let us know!