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Sneaker Shops in Zürich

Updated July 2024

P Pomp it up Oberdorfstrasse 23, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
R RECON ZRH Militärstrasse 81, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
S Street-Files Store | Nordic Streetwear Viaduktstrasse 31, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
Street-Files Studio | Nordic Streetwear Badenerstrasse 131, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
T The Gloss Hardstrasse 312, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
Titolo Sneakers & Streetwear Zürich Niederdorfstrasse 10, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland


Known as one of the if not the most expensive cities in the world, the Swiss city of Zurich is the epitome of luxury. Not only that, but the landscapes and the mountains, specifically the Swiss Alps, are top tourist attractions. You can add Lake Zurich to the list of best places to visit to complete your travels in Zurich, Switzerland.

Some of the things you can experience in Zurich are lavish lifestyles, premium shopping, and of course, delectable chocolates that will delight a lot of people.

To keep up with the high-end shopping selections, the sneaker culture in Zurich, Switzerland has its own identity. But just like most of the streetwear shops, you can find consignment stores and sneaker boutiques that have a lot to offer.

Sneakervista searched for some of the best sneaker stores in Zurich and we’ve come up with 6 of them. Stores like Titolo, Street-Files, Recon Store, Pomp it up, and The Gloss have high customer ratings due to their wide selection of streetwear brands.

The listed stores are situated in various locations and open right before noon. But it’s worth visiting them anyway because you’ll surely find what you need. You can check out their official social media accounts and websites to get a glimpse of what you may find in stores.

Overall, Zurich is a good place to relax and hunt for the sneakers of your dreams.