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Sneaker Shops in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the center of scandinavian fashion and of course the capital and most populous city of Denmark. København (Copenhagen in danish) is home for many famous streetwear brands such as ARKK, WoodWood, Norse Projects, Soulland, Our Legacy, Acne Studios, Nudie Jeans, Han Kjøbenhavn, RAINS or Fjällräven (popular bagpacks).

If you are more interested in sneakers, there is planty choices where to go in Copenhagen. Try concept stores of ARKK brand, Norse Projects and Wood Wood, or get a visit into Naked shops.

A ARKK Copenhagen Concept Store Elmegade 14, 2200 København N, Denmark
ARKK Copenhagen Flagship Store Østergade 1, 1100 København K, Denmark
F Foot Locker Amagertorv 11, 1160 København, Denmark
G GUMMI - SNEAKERS FOR GIRLS LarsbjørnsstrÌde 19, 1454 København, Denmark
N Naked KlosterstrÌde 10, 1157 København, Denmark
Naked PilestrÌde 46, 1112 København, Denmark
Norse Projects PilestrÌde 39, 1112 København K, Denmark
R Rezet Sneaker Store RüdhusstrÌde 7, 1466 København, Denmark
Rezet Sneaker Store Magasin du Nord Kongens Nytorv 13, 1095 København K, Denmark
Rezet Store Jorcks Jorcks Passage 42a, 1161 København K, Denmark
S size? Købmagergade 47, 1150 København, Denmark
Streetmachine Kronprinsensgade 3, 1114 København, Denmark
V VANS Store Copenhagen Købmagergade 28, 1100 København, Denmark
W Wood Wood Copenhagen Grønnegade 1, 1107 København K, Denmark
Wood Wood Frederiksberg Gl. Kongevej 47, 1610 København, Denmark